Female fitness clarification

A la my recent post on the masculinization of the ideal female body, people seem to think I’m advocating that whole paleo muscled, shredded woman as beautiful.

I’m not.

do think it’s sexy.  It’s why I worked so hard to achieve it.


But I think it’s overdone.  Strong does not = healthy.  Strong = strong.  Sated and energized and fertile = healthy.  This often means fat.  Fat in your chest, fat on your thighs, fat on your hips, maybe some fat on your abdomen.

Deal with it.

I refuse to hate my thighs.  You know– that’s why I had to get so skinny.  I couldn’t get that damn fat off of my thighs.   Fuck it.  I’m tired of hating my body for something that I did to it, and I’m tired of counseling women as thin as I am on how to stop obsessing over food when the most obvious answer is to eat more.   Yes, I think of course that disordered eating is still a problem.  I think emotional relationships with food occur at all weight levels.  I will always help and love you within the paradigm of your mindset and your goals.  Unconditionally.  But when your health is at stake, please please please please please consider all of the options.  Including this one: embrace fat.  Double zeroes are not ideal.  Threes are even not ideal.  What’s ideal is your body and comfort.  That I am certain is sexiest thing of all.


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02 2012

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  1. Taryn #

    That is sexy. I am so glad that you are getting better. I found your site while in the midst of my own personal hell with food. I was tiny but hated my body. hated it. But I have since gained some weight and you know what? I actually like my body more than I did when I was small. Sure I wish I was thinner and get anxious when I worry what people will think of me for “letting myself go;” but the freedom that has come from letting go of the obsession (or at least trying to let go) is worth every perceived judgement. I hope that you can continue to move forward and continue to learn to accept yourself.

    • pepper #

      Hooray! Hoooooooooray! What a badass woman! Thank you for sharing!

  2. 3

    There’s definitely a balance to be struck. Sadly so many people seem to miss it.

    Almost everyone I see in the city is either ill-looking skinny, no muscle definition or completely the other way, drowning under fat.

  3. chuck #

    i am not sure if this will make you feel better or not. there are plenty of us men who prefer women with curves in all the right places. don’t feel like you need to be super lean and/or muscular to be attractive.

  4. erik #

    Thank you Pepper for writing this blog!
    It has meant so much to me.. I want you to know that!

    Btw, you may have covered this topic before but I was wondering how about writing about self esteem and keeping the balance once a person has stopped with food obsessing and want to start to get good mealhabits to get leaner r whatever goal.

    Have a lovely day!

    • pepper #

      Well– if you stopped having disordered eating, wouldn’t you necessarily have good eating habits? In any case, I’ve talked about habits and such sporadically in the past, though I suppose touching on it again would never hurt.

  5. Laura #

    Have you ever done a google search on a paleotlithic woman? :D


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