The Minus size

HEY.  I’ve got an idea.

With numbers, the lowest we can go is “zero.”  Zero is good.  Digits are bad.  And double digits…Double digits are like spending a weekend alone in a funhouse with The Situation, then having to go home and tell your grandmother about it.

And we give them crazy stupid labels.   Mostly: Regular, sometimes Petite, and Plus.

Where’s the minus?

I want a minus size!

Let’s add a Minus to the spectrum.  Maybe getting a bit of negative connotation down there to balance all the hating we do on “plus” will help us re-discover our appreciation of the middle sizes.

Here are some ‘plus’ size photos:

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03 2012

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  1. Karoliina #

    Hey, I’m a relatively new reader of your blog and I just wanted to say that I greatly appreciate what you’re doing. The obsession with skinny women has to stop, it’s completely absurd when even most men don’t prefer a woman with no butt or boobs. Through your writings, other blogs/forums/whatever and a lot of thinking I’ve finally (at 26) been able to change my own perception of my body and what’s a ‘normal’ amount of body fat for me. It feels good and I only hope that every single woman and especially young girls would be able to experience this feeling too. Thank you! :)

    • pepper #

      Hooray! Thank YOU. Even more important than my talking is people going out there and doing the walking. I’m so proud of you, and you’re an inspiration to me. Really. It’s a struggle all of the time– making sure that I eat when I’m hungry rather than pinching my hips to make the decision. That’s stupid. It’s unfortunately, but we need to be reminded sometimes of how stupid that is. I need you, and the world needs you. Thanks again in the most sincere way.

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