HI. My name is Stefani.  You can call me by my nickname, Pepper, if you like.    Growing up in suburban Detroit, I never imagined I would someday identify with a nightshade vegetable, but life took me in an unexpected direction, and I went with it.   I graduated from Dartmouth College, where I specialized in studying life on other planets.  This is not a joke.  This is the unparalleled brilliance of a liberal arts education.   After that, I lived in Italy for a bit, in Detroit for a bit, and then in Taiwan.  Today, I live in Boston.  I study the philosophy of religion at Boston University, and I studying Unitarian Universalist ministry at Harvard Divinity School.

I began eating a Paleo diet early in 2010.  As a woman who has battled disordered eating, attended Overeaters Anonymous meetings, been  a “sugar addict,” practiced vegetarianism for four years, and been diagnosed with the hormone disorder Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, eating Paleo has been a truly transformative experience for me.  I find that my womanhood and my health are evolving journeys, as I continue to experiment and find what foods and lifestyles work best for me, and I hope to share these experiences with you.   Moreover, I am Pissed Off about American society’s food norms.   I hate that meat is manly and that women are left to cosmos and chocolates.  It blows my mind that we starve ourselves for the sake of ideals.  My heart breaks at the stories I read over and over again about food restriction and deprivation.  The ways in which conventional thinking about food, about gender, about evolutionary psychology and just about everything else has fucked so many lives compels me to maintain this blog.  You can read much about that here.  More importantly, you can read about ways to mitigate these problems, ways to find holistic health, and ways to say goodbye to old habits forever.

For a more detailed account of my relationship with the paleo world, go to one of my first posts.

For information on my support of and relationship with disordered eating, see the Disordered Eating page.

For information on PCOS, see the PCOS page.

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  1. 1

    Dear Pepper,

    You totally rock. No, seriously.


    • pepper #

      Dear Allie,
      No, YOU. Duh.

  2. Casie #


    I have to admit – at first I wasn’t feeling too strongly about the diet and lifestyle Paleo/primal living has to offer, but my unknowingly intrigued mind led me back to your website time and time and time again. I thought it might mostly be because I am a person who loves to observe other people’s writing style and yours is simply brilliant. Simple, yet highly informational and loaded with personal presence. Little did I know I would be here, right now, asking for advice on how to start experimenting with the diet as a Detroiter. Believe me, I want to get out of here as much as you did. I have experienced living outside of Detroit and even though I love Detroit, I know it isn’t the right place for me for so many reasons. Universal ideas led me back to this city, though, and I know it is meant to be, for now. So anyway, I was wondering if, since you’ve expressed how hard it is to live Paleo in Detroit, could give me some tips on how I might start. Know that I am currently a vegetarian, but I am very much open to exploring what may be a better lifestyle for me. I can relate to so many (almost all in fact) of your experiences. I’d much appreciate it!


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    Hi Pepper

    My name is Maile Baures and i am an office assistant to an acupuncturist by the name of Elie Cole (nourishingmedicine.com) here in Portland Oregon. Elie created a wonderful good fats/bad fats poster that she’s trying to advertise. I just came across your website tonight and thought that you would like a poster to advertise with or would like to give away on your blog. Please see it at cookingwithfats.com and let us know what you think. Now it’s time for me to dig in to your blog. :)


  4. jessica rae #

    hey miss pepper, just wanted to say thank you for giving me some powerful words and wisdom to read instead of reading the useless and soul killing food obsession perfection diet blather i am so used to using as reference for my own sick obsessions and old habits. your posts on disordered eating speak volumes to me, and are the strong words i have been looking for someone to verbalize, above all of the abusing pathetic language that gets me stuck in unhealthy habits and situation and all of the unrealistic demands i have been placing on myself. thank you for reminding me i can stick up for my less perfect self and tell all of those expectations to fuck off

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