Disordered Eating

One thing I believe in, profoundly, is the power of support.  Taking up the paleo lifestyle is a huge step towards physical and mental health (high fives!), but it is only the beginning.  If you eat poorly today, have struggled with eating disorders in the past, have body image issues, or have any number of doubts related to your health, your body, food, and/or exercise, and if you could use a buddy, you have come to the right place.

Aside from writing for the paleo community and the paleo mind, I have made it my mission with this blog to support people who struggle with their relationships with food.  You can find on this blog many posts about my struggles with vegetarianism, binge eating, and body image at various points in my life.  If that is enough of a sense of solidarity for you, then read on, please, and enjoy whatever camaraderie I can offer.

If you crave more than that, drop me a line.  I want to hear your story.  I want to send you inspiring emails.  I want to explore the paleo diet with you, and I want to help you achieve the greatest mental and psychological health possible.  The world is a big and awesome place, and I could think of no greater honor than helping you feel 100 percent of the time like a big, awesome part of it.

This site is nascent, but my experiences as a paleo dieter and as as woman, sugar addict, disordered eater, vegetarian, counselor, and eating disorder advisor and so on are not.    I am amenable to and have a number of official client-counselor relationships, if you would like to arrange something of that nature.  Or you may just drop me an informal line.   Both may be done in the comment form below.  In the meantime, see:

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