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HPA Axis: Psychosocial Stress and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea


04 2012

HPA axis: Metabolic Distress and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea


04 2012

HPA axis: What is pregnenolone steal?

Answer: Bad.

At Paleo For Women (!).


04 2012

The female body and why I’m an advocate

At my new blog (!).


04 2012

Paleo For Women

Today I have some of the most exciting news.

First, you were all right.  Jimmy Moore was right.  I would like to devote a significant portion of my life to this work.  So I am going to.

Secondly, this means that my online activity is going to change.  It’s going to increase, but it will be changing form.  I am going to continue writing and maintaining this blog, here as Pepper.  Yet I am going to split my writing time and content between two separate websites. Here, I will keep all of my vitriol.   I will keep all of my diatribe.  I will keep my more personal posts.

My scientific, more clinical work is moving.  I spent the last week setting up a new website, Paleo For Women.  The goal of Paleo For Women is to become an advocate of women’s health issues in the Paleo sphere.  It’s to bring evolutionary ideas and natural health to women struggling with endocrine problems.   It’s to explore how natural methods can be specifically tailored to optimize female well-being and happiness.  My blog here aims to advance women’s issues with fire.  There, I will advance them with science.  Of a sorts.

While I am doing that, I will still let this blog know about and link over to the other site when new posts go up.

THANK you.

Paleo For Women


04 2012