I have PCOS!  I am a thin woman.  This is unusual-ish.  It’s been a hell of a time trying to make it go away.  Here are some posts I wrote about things I have learned.  They’re intended to be as comprehensive as possible.  I swear, I don’t think there’s much out there in the internet about treatment that I haven’t combed through at least twice.

PCOS and diet: a summary of sorts

PCOS treatment options

What causes and influences PCOS?

What is PCOS?

Paleo and PCOS

Carbohydrates for Fertility

^important ones


less so, and more focused on my own PCOS battle:

Guys, I’m BACK

Liberating developments and forward motion

PCOS and acne update

PCOS, cancer, pregnancy, and more: why taking iodine might save your life

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  1. Sara #

    I LOVE your blog! Seriously, between all the research you have done on PCOS, to what you have written about the paleo diet, to the posts on disordered eating, to even just rejecting the convention wisdom surrounding health and hygiene… you basically have addressed everything I truly want to read about it a blog, and that I can’t seem to find anywhere else.

    I have done much of the same self-experimentation and research that you have done, but I am so grateful that you have shared it all through this blog. It provided me with some new ideas of things to try for PCOS (for the non-overweight, early twenty something woman) among other things. So really… thank you!!

    I think I read somewhere on your website that you would be interested in hearing about how readers have dealt with food and health issues — I’d definitely be interested in sharing experiences, if you have time!

    Thanks again!

    • pepper #

      Absolutely Sara! There’s a ‘contact me’ form in one of the headings– the about me?–which will send you to my inbox :)

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