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Why blog?

Why blog?  Don’t thousands of new blogs get started every day?   Do you think you’re actually going to make a meaningful contribution to the world with your blog?

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Well, no.  But I want to try.

I decided to write this blog while on a crisp, winter hike yesterday afternoon through one of perhaps two parks in all of suburban Detroit.   The sky was brilliantly blue, the snow uneven, and the air just cold enough to freeze tears in the corners of my eyes.   To keep me company in my slight discomfort, I tuned into Jimmy Moore’s fabulous pod cast, the Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show.   Jimmy’s show consists of interviews with a variety of authors, bloggers, activists, and scientists.  It’s a fantastic resource.  And yesterday, I was happy to finally get around to listening to Jimmy’s interview with Melissa McEwen, the prolific, brilliant, and proactive blogger of Hunt, Gather, Love fame.  I  adore her.  She’s bomb.  Like—B O M B.   If you don’t go read through her entire blog @ now, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

In any case, Jimmy made the comment that the number of Paleo/low-carb/evolutionary fitness/hunter-gatherer bloggers out there today is skyrocketing, and Jimmy and Melissa discussed how awesome it is that this realm of the blogosphere has been so proactive and successful.  But Melissa is one of the very few prominent female bloggers.  Very few.   Jimmy was making a good point.   This makes Melissa quite important.  There are a handful of other, also brilliant, female bloggers out there in the paleosphere.  See Girl Gone Primal, Pretty in Primal and Cosmopolitan Primal Girl for a few gems.  But many tend to focus (not exclusively!) more on paleo cooking or on family life.   It’s all a bit too domestic for me, and I flee from domesticity faster than I did the sixth season of Lost.   I kid you not.  I love my freedom and my primalness and my independence like it’s my job (so do these badass female bloggers), and I itch—I itch so fucking fiercely—to bring as much empowered womanhood, too, to the Paleo “movement” as humanly possible.

The world has tossed out a blogging gauntlet, and my life is defined by very little other than picking up gauntlets.    So here goes.  Bart Simpson once said, “I can’t promise to try, but I’ll try to try.”  Amen, brother.



01 2011

Hello world!

I’m coming on, wha oh, I want the world to know, just got to let it show.  I’m comin’



01 2011